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Festival Hair 2019:

Festival season is finally upon us… Coachella weekend saw a multitude of hair styles that are bound to be carried on throughout the season. Some of which included bold colourful looks of pastel hues and balayage highlights. Other included the suspected beach waves that come with the hipster, bohemian vibes of modern festivals.
Pastel Hues As predicted at the start of 2019, pastel colours were going to be all the rage as we transitioned into the warmer months. These colours beautifully compliment the wear of lighter colours and fabrics.
As seen in both images, despite the unconventional colours, pastels are wearable and suitable for aspects of everyday life not just the festival scenes.

Loose Braids It wouldn’t be festival season without the influx of braid’s being shared on social media, last year saw the renovation of the classic braid with rings and jewels, something that potentially could come back around this year.
But the simplicity of the loose braid holds the ability to complete…


For a few years now, it’s been about embracing individuality and naturalness: the idea of really presenting everybody as the best version of themselves. It’s a very positive image, and that isn’t going to go away - it’s going to continue to be the backbone for everything. Portrayal of this on the runway remains as prominent as ever…

The British fashion icon defied all expectations when presenting her 10th Anniversary show at London Fashion Week in September 2018, nostalgia remained at the forefront of the show, showing the evolution of the crafted workmanship. As with any show, the hair and beauty aspects act as compositions that heavily contribute to the final look. As previously mentioned, the evolution of her brand image has been outstanding to witness with her SS19 show taking on a subtle, sophisticated almost simplistic approach; models adopting the ‘boyish’ slick hair, this allows the exploration of all the components needed to create the look.


The bigger the better this season, designers were not concerned about playing around with bold colours and statement embellishments in preparation for the summer sunshine. Many of the trends reflect the embodiment of femininity with aspects of bohemian wanderlust – stereotypically girly with princess motifs.

In previous years, flowers have been used as applique patterns on garments (as seen in many of the Chanel campaigns) whereas, instead of being subtly distributed across an outfit; Dolce & Gabbana made a declaration of uniqueness with large pink roses entwinned within large curls and thick braids.
In consideration of delicate approach’s Rodarte’s floral look connotes aspects of romance, almost in the sense of a fairy-tale character.
Continuing the bold statements, Dolce & Gabbana exude opulence and royalty with their emphasis on the glistening tiara’s that top off the outfit. The use of vivid colours remains a central concept to the brands iconic …

Colour Guide 2019

Charcoal Mink:  Grey colouring has been on trend for a while now and there’s no signs of the hype dying down anytime soon. Charcoal colouring represents the basics of grey colouring but with the correct toner can have a filter effect. In order to maintain this, the purple shampoo can be used to liven the colour and reduce yellow tones.

Smoky Pink: 

Whilst most girls dream was to have pink hair, stylists have created this nostalgic, sooty undertone pink that adds a sense of sophistication. It’s cool and current, paired with a grey root, this can suit any skin tone whilst still adding a modern touch to the hair.

Copper Velvet:  A luxurious reddish brown that’s been around for a while now but has only just seemed to hit the magazines. This colour is super-wearable especially in autumn/winter seasons with its warm tones. For maintenance of this colour the Morgan’s brunette shampoo can be used to preserve these rich undertones.

Perfect Platinum:  Platinum blonde shades add depth and texture to …

Men's Spring/Summer 19 Hair Trends

Modern ‘Bro-Flow’:
Influx of street style looks are driven by the hair in menswear seasons, for example the rise of the modern flow style. A combination of sleekness and texture this style compliments a range of outfits providing and ‘edgy’ hipster tone whilst still having control and maintainability. Use Morgan’s Styling Fibre (£9.50)
To achieve this look hair is to be grown out, this allows the hair to form its own natural shape. There are no true origins to this style as it holds a sense of uniqueness for every individual. Current celebrity inspiration comes from actors such as Milo Ventimiglia and Bradley Cooper.
Sharp Comb-Over:

Targeted at fine hair, this timeless style has high transferability for a variety of occasions. The sleek style emphasises the look of the modern-day gentleman; paired with classic Saville Row tailoring reinforces the notion that simplicity is key.
To add a contemporary twist, the comb-over fade allows for the exploration of modern hairstyling, this argua…

Spring/Summer 19 Hair Trends

Wearable Wet Look: (Chloe pictured on the right)

The reoccurring theme of wet hair is taking a turn, stepping away from the runway and into everyday life. Previously, this look was difficult to achieve outside of seasonal shows, the lack of transferability into day to day life meant that whilst this was a popular look, very few people could achieve it. Instead, this season Chloe has taken the lead in showcasing attainable styles. With volume at the roots, stylists were able to achieve a subtle yet sophisticated style that could be worn to a multitude of events. Following in their footsteps Altuzarra (top left) presented a slightly more lacquered look with intentions of having a longer hold. Alternatively, if the structured look isn’t for you then Markus Lupfer (shown bottom right) introduced the high-shine glossy look that conveys the effortless aura of class.
Baby Bangs:
As seen over the last few seasons, fringes have drastically increased in popularity, however; 2019 contemporary tr…

High Street Favourites:

After recently attending LFWM I have been on the hunt to try and find some of the best high-street styles and dupes to the runway. 
(affiliate links may be included)

Firstly, the shoes...  One of my favourite places to buy shoes is Office, they have an amazing range of footwear for a variety of occasions at a reasonable price. If you're reading this on upload day then you'll still be able to receive up to 70% in their new year sale. They are home to many brand names such as Nike, Ugg and Timberland. I have to say my favourite shoes at the moment to wear are loafers because they add a sense of chic and classiness to an outfit.   These electric blue loafers not only act as Gucci Dupes but allow that pop of colour to liven up any outfit. 

Tops... After seeing lots of other bloggers rave about Nobody's Child, I decided to check them out for myself and oh my, they have a beautiful range of items. It gave me a Rosie Bea kind of vibe, if you're not already subscribed to her o…